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Distributor - Germany



A Evolving Interpretation of Auditory Art


Our hyper amplifiers are not just machines, but living, breathing entities that tell

a story through sound. Within her second decade, Absolare is a global company,

one which endeavors to create paradigm shifts in hyper amplifier design.


Tens of thousands of collective hours of listening, design and the production of

two dozen exclusive components marked the creation and launch of our first

Single-Ended Triode hyper amplifier.


Since then, our designs have continued to shift the paradigm of amplifier design, producing real-life dynamics and tonal fidelity in even the most nuanced and

difficult-to-reproduce pieces.

Distributor - Benelux Countries



Our passion for crafting the hyper amplifiers has been acknowledged by

the industry's most discerning experts.


We are honored to be continuously recognized for our unwavering commitment to

performance, uncompromising craftsmanship, and design innovation. These record breaking awards in high-end audio inspire us to continue pushing the boundaries of

what is possible, and we pledge to always strive for excellence in everything we do.

Founding Partner



We take pride in the accolades and positive reviews that highlight the exceptional craftsmanship, superior performance, and elegant design that define our hyper amplifiers.


We value the trust and feedback of our community, and we invite you to read their stories and insights. Join the voices celebrating the unparalleled performance and sheer delight our amplifiers bring to music lovers around the world.


The relentless focus on what contributes most to sound quality, has underpinned Absolare’s widely acclaimed sonic qualities over many years. 

The directness of expression, immediacy and musical involvement, are consistently attributed to all Absolare products, which continue to be streamlined by the lack of superfluous features like display screens, network connections, or other noisy parts that can compromise absolute sound quality.

Founding Partner



Stay up-to-date with the latest happenings and innovations from

our world of ultra high-end audio.


Explore our news page for inspiring stories, insightful interviews, and

exclusive features thatbring you closer to the heart of our brand.

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