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Sound and space are the descriptive bookends that define the essence of high-end audio. Absolare has defined its ethos since its inception as a global company in 2008, by relentlessly striving for excellence.

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Manufacturing equipment of the highest quality that presents musical performance by creating indelible life-like sounds, that not only fill physical spaces, but also inspires aural experience, resonates profoundly with the deepest of human emotions.

Absolare’s commitment to respecting the sources of music - from a single human voice to a full range of instruments in a large orchestra - has been passionate and unwavering over the years as their engineering and artistry evolved. This consistent refinement on the quest for sonic purity and aesthetic excellence have made Absolare an industry leader in a relatively short amount of time, garnering numerous prestigious awards for the company along the way.

"The presentation was, as it’s been several times before in the past, first-rate: fast, dark, rich, full-bodied, and extremely finely detailed"

Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound, Munich High-End 2015

To achieve this, Absolare has mastered the synthesis of innovative industrial design, superior electrical engineering, skilled craftsmanship, and intellectual rigour. To develop the ultimate products, Absolare have become the only manufacturer to source their exotic components from more than a dozen different countries around the world. This global approach is not only about the physical materials, it dovetails with Absolare’s founding philosophy which is dedicated to influencing a paradigm shift in the ultra-high-end audio market.

In their ongoing pursuit to elevate the quality and expectations of what is possible, Absolare looks to the future with plans to continue to diversify with new products, while maintaining the same level of excellence. The vision and dedicated commitment to honour the same ethos that inspired the birth of the company, remains the hallmark of Absolare’s valued presence in the world of ultra-high-end audio.


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