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It’s the kind of presentation that reveals its beauty not in a quick demo, but during a

long session. The Absolare electronics speak more to the heart than to the ear.

Robert Harley - The Absolute Sound Issue 234


Best of Show, Munich High-End 2018

The Absolute Sound - Jim Hannon

Best of Show, Munich High-End 2013, 2014, 2018

The Absolute Sound - Robert Harley

Best of CES 2013

The Absolute Sound - Robert Harley

Golden Ear Award 2013

The Absolute Sound

Product of the Year Award 2013

The Absolute Sound

Editor’s Choice Award

The Absolute Sound 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020


The Absolare Preamplifier has been designed with the goal of creating a pure and emotionally engaging preamplifier. A preamplifier capable of conveying the deepest musical integrity within the faithful reproduction of the recorded performance.

Through several years of methodical research, the Absolare team has indeed come to believe that there is an absolute in terms of identifying the right components and correctly implementing them within the ultimate minimalist preamplifier design.


Absolare’s Preamplifier’s highly synergized ensemble of customized, rare, cost-no-object components are all critically chosen for their superior performance. The design principle in the Absolare preamplifier is best reflected in the following three words – “Purity, Control, and Power”. Purity of Signal, control of resonance and clean power.

"In the ability to portray a large sense of space, of instruments within that space and the distance between them and the overall impression of hearing a life-like three dimensional rendering, the Absolare electronics are exceptional, perhaps the best I’ve heard. As you might expect from minimalist, pure single-ended-triode signal path, the Absolare’s midrange is glorious in timbre color, liquidity, and freedom from grain. It is as though something is removed between you and the music, laying bare sound itself and the musical meaning behind that sound."

Robert Harley – The Absolute Sound – Issue 234

The Absolare Preamplifier is a pure class-A, zero feedback, all-tube preamplifier with 4 inputs and 2 outputs. 'High impedance - High gain' input with minimum number of components provides undisturbed amplification. 'Low impedance - Unity gain' output section can drive any load easily. Tubes are configured in Single Ended fashion with a minimum number of components to preserve sonic purity. Balanced models employ input transformers for maximum noise immunity and signal symmetry.


The Absolare Preamplifier is housed in a single chassis with separate power supply and signal sections internally partitioned by a thick aluminum wall. This design eliminates unwanted magnetic influence of AC noise on the signal path. The laser cut and precision welded 3mm aluminum chassis is encased in leather clad, high density fiber panels to minimize the mechanical resonances. On top, a large CNC machined aluminum housing provides a vibration free environment for the tubes and signal components. A 5mm thick aluminum base plate provides a perfectly stable foundation for the amplifier’s feet. Externally it is covered in High-End automotive leather with several color and stitching options.


All signal connectors are gold plated tellurium copper. Tube sockets are pure teflon with gold plated copper contacts. Silver-gold alloy in oil coupling capacitors are employed on the signal path. Signal caps and resistors with very low tolerances keep the phase shift difference between channels at a minimum. Power supply PCB boards have "triple-thickness" copper tracks. Special silver/gold alloy solder is used for all soldered joints. Custom toroidal power transformer is oversized for low noise and unlimited headroom. Power filters employ the highest-grade capacitors with ultra-low ESR values to preserve maximum levels of dynamics and detail in the signal. Discrete Schottky diodes provide fast and noise free rectification. All tube heaters are DC regulated and filtered.


All internal cabling uses Echole’s proprietary alloys.


Both input selector and the attenuator are mounted very close to the signal section to minimise signal cable lengths. Volume is set by a CNC machined, remote controlled,

48-step attenuator with discrete resistors. Signal components are directly mounted to

the underside of the CNC machined tube housing to minimize unwanted vibrations.


Signal ground is separate from chassis ground to minimize hum and noise.




Absolare’s production standard signal and power section utilize Mundorf’s
custom-matched Silver-Gold-Oil and TubeCap capacitors, and Echole’s proprietary Signature-grade Silver/Gold/Palladium alloy wiring.


The Signature series is a significant step above the Passion series. Within whole

signal path Duelund’s select CAST coupling capacitors used together

with Mundorf’s Silver/Gold/Oil coupling. Wiring is impleented with Echole's Orius cabling.

Absolare Signature Preamplifier's performance is sublime.

The Signature Preamplifier results in an even faster, more transparent sound

with enhanced harmonic resolution.


Finally, there is a very limited edition "ALTIUS" model of the Absolare Preamplifier which extends performance well beyond the Signature model. Please contact us for further information about the Altius Preamplifier.



All Tube, Zero Feedback, Single-Ended Architecture


48 steps with discrete resistors, remote controlled


2 x 12AU7 / ECC82 (or compatibles) 


20Hz -20kHz within +/-0.2 dB, 10 Hz - 45 kHz +/- 1.0 dB


4 in RCA and 4 in XLR Models; 2 RCA + 2 XLR in RCA/XLR Model


100 kΩ


18 dB


2 RCA or 2 XLR; 1 RCA + 1 XLR in RCA/XLR model


750 Ω


38.2 x 52.6 x 14.8 cm / 15" x 20.7" x 5.8" (W x D x H), excl. feet


21 kg / 46 lbs., net

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