Hybrid Stereo Amplifier


The Absolare Hybrid Stereo Amplifier is the single chassis version of the Hybrid Monoblocks built upon similar architecture and sonic envelope. Absolare’s Hybrid Stereo Amplifier is a solution for music lovers who cannot accommodate two Hybrid Monoblock chassis. With slightly less power than the Hybrid Monoblocks, simplicity is preserved with the critical tube input stage – a hallmark of all Absolare products.

The Hybrid Stereo Amplifier shares all the sonic properties of visceral immediacy, superb dynamics, soundstage scale, midrange transparency, impact and the startling sense of directness of the Hybrid Monoblocks. The ideal choice for smaller rooms, the Hybrid Stereo Amplifier also has a directness of expression and realism by rendering instruments and voices with an organic quality.

The Absolare Hybrid Stereo Amplifier is a single chassis amplifier delivering 275W of power into 4Ω. It is a hybrid design with a tube input section and solid-state, dual mono power amplifier section. Like all Absolare hybrid designs, voltage gain mainly comes from the tube input section. The Single Ended tube preamplifier section is implemented with a minimum number of components to preserve sonic purity, mirroring the Absolare Preamplifier. The tube input section has zero feedback and the output stage has only local feedback, in order to make it compatible to the most complex speaker loads. XLR inputs are transformer balanced for maximum noise immunity and signal symmetry.

The Absolare Hybrid Stereo amplifier is housed in a single chassis with separate power supply and signal sections internally partitioned by a thick aluminum wall. This design eliminates unwanted magnetic influence of AC noise on the signal path. The laser cut and precision welded 3mm aluminum chassis is encased in leather clad, high density fiber panels to minimize the mechanical resonances. A 5mm thick aluminum base plate provides a perfectly stable foundation for the amplifier’s feet. Externally it is covered in Hi-End automotive leather with several color and stitching options.

All signal connectors are gold plated tellurium copper. Binding posts are silver plated copper with polyethylene outer barrels to minimize conductor mass. Tube sockets are pure teflon with gold plated copper contacts.

Silver-gold alloy in oil coupling capacitors are employed on the signal path. Signal caps and resistors with very low tolerances keep the phase shift difference between channels at a minimum. All PCB boards have "triple-thickness" copper tracks. Special silver/gold alloy solder is used for all soldered joints. Custom toroidal power transformers are oversized for low noise and large headroom. All internal cabling uses Echole’s proprietary alloys.

16 active output components provide 275W continuous power per channel into 4Ω loads. They are individually hand tuned for perfect symmetry. A timer circuit protects the speakers and power components from transient signals and in-rush currents at power-on time. Hi/Low gain operation is selectable on the back panel.
The power amplifier section uses separate power transformers for each channel with 184,000uF ultra-low ESR capacitor banks. Discrete Schottky diodes provide fast and noise free rectification. Tube heaters are DC regulated and filtered. Signal ground is separate from chassis ground to minimize hum and noise. Output stage is protected from overheating and overloads.



Absolare’s production standard signal section utilize Mundorf’s Silver-Gold-Oil. Wiring utilizes Echole’s proprietary Signature-grade Silver/Gold/Palladium alloy wire.


The Signature series is a significant step above the Passion series. The entire signal path utilizes Duelund’s select CAST coupling capacitors together with Echole’s Orius cabling. Critical parts of the power section and signal path utilize other custom components such as proprietary SilverGoldPalladium signal path on the PCB and matched (less than %1) Amtrans resistors to name a few.
The NOS tubes are carefully selected to align with the new level of purity.

Technical Specs


Dual Mono, Tube input, Solid State output, Hybrid Architecture


2x 12AU7 / ECC82 (or compatibles) - Every unit comes with select NOS tubes


20Hz -20kHz within +/- 0.2dB, 15 Hz - 30 kHz +/- 1.0 dB


1 RCA unbalanced + 1 XLR balanced

Input impedance:

10 kΩ RCA input, 20 kΩ XLR input

Input Sensitivity:

1.0 Volts RCA input, 2.0 Volts XLR input


29 dB @ Hi-gain setting, 23 dB @ Low-gain setting

Output Power:

275 Watts @ 4Ω, 175 Watts @ 8Ω

Speaker impedance:

4 - 8 Ω


38.2 x 64.8 x 20 cm / 15" x 25.5" x 7.9" (W x D x H), excl. feet


33 kg / 73 lbs., net

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