Hybrid Architecture

Absolare has methodically refined the Single Ended Triode design – known throughout the audio industry for its purity and minimalism – to new levels of sonic performance. Using this acclaimed Single Ended Triode design as a reference for the sonic envelope, Absolare has advanced this path to Hybrid Topology in a unique way. As a result, Absolare's architecture and implementation are as simple as they are sophisticated – perfectly reflecting this effortless, natural realism.

Within this paradigm shift, Absolare has mastered key goals; retaining the purity of tube sound but with additional power; being able to preserve the glorious texture, body and harmonic density, while creating a palpable sense of air expanding around the dynamic envelopes of instruments. With this additional power, Absolare transforms the listening experience to transcend regular definitions beyond language, to a state of exalted musical understanding, where auditioning without words is now possible.


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