Purity of the Signal Path

Our philosophy is, "less is more”.

All Absolare products embody the ideals of ultra-high-end excellence, with unique and ultra-minimalist design both inside and out.  The relentless focus on what contributes most to sound quality, has underpinned Absolare’s widely acclaimed sonic qualities over many years. The directness of expression, immediacy and musical involvement, are consistently attributed to all Absolare products, which continue to be streamlined by the lack of superfluous features like display screens, network connections, or other noisy parts that can compromise absolute sound quality.

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July 2020

Absolare Showroom - Bodrum, Turkey

July 2020

In addition to Absolare’s showrooms in New York, USA, the Netherlands and Thailand, their latest showroom is now officially ready in one of the world’s most exotic tourist destinations.

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May 2020

Hybrid Stereo Amplifier Officially Introduced

May 2020

The Absolare Hybrid Stereo Amplifier is the single chassis version of the Hybrid Monoblocks built upon similar architecture and the sonic envelope.

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